Fairbuds XL with cable longer 1.5m

My use case:
Hi-Fi set with only 3.5mm line-out → Fairbuds XL headset

I’d need a longer cable than the original 1.5m sold by Fairphone


  • Anyone has hands on experience using a longer mini-jack-3.5mm->USB-C cable?
  • Any recommendations on a specific supplier/brand?



I have the impression that this cable is a very FP specific thing. At least I have never seen this before. So I’d be surprised if you found that elsewhere.
But what about just getting an extension cable of the desired length? I have one on my Desktop PC and it works without problems. They are readily available and much cheaper than this special cable in any case.

Edit: It seems I was not entirely correct: Other such cables seem to exist, but I found nothing longer than 1.5m when doing a quick search. And they’re also not cheaper than a simple extension cable.


Thanks @mde for sharing your opinion.

Various suppliers have similar connector cables up to 2m.
But up to now I found nothing longer.

Just to add to this discussion for others who might be curious.
I got also a solution to use a 3m cable with 3.5mm mini-jacks on both(!) sides plus a short USB-C to 3.5mm converter at the headset. No idea what this might do to sound quality.

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Just because they have the same connectors, they might not have the same functionalities. So a 3.5mm extension cable is still the best solution in my opinion.

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Yes, I’m still pondering which one might be the optimal solution.

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My fairbuds xl connects audio for usbc to usbc if I use a usbc video cable. So I am pretty sure an Usbc extension cable designed for video will work

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