Fairbuds XL test/review on RNTGS.com!

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There is ongoing voting on what the next headphones to test will be on RTNGS. They have the best testing procedures for headphones that I saw ever in my life.

Vote here if you interested:

Review Pipeline - RTINGS.com

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They’re currently in the lead with 75 votes, so I really hope they win, and RTINGS finally reviews them. It’s great that it coincides with the recent release of the new Fairbuds (non-XL) and soon 1-year anniversary of the Fairbuds XL (11 May, if I’m not mistaken). Hopefully, we won’t need to wait an entire year for the review of the small Fairbuds, haha :sweat_smile:

I’m mainly interested in the raw performance of these, because they mostly seem good for the price. I can’t wait for AutoEQ to add them to their database after this, so even if they sound mediocre, I could still tune them using something like JamesDSP (Well, let’s be honest, the companion app’s 8-band equalizer is probably not very useful, unfortunately)

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I’ve been wanting to buy the XL for sooo long, but all the reviews were so lukewarm on the audio quality. I cant wait to see some actual numbers. Cant wait for this review \o/


It won the poll and they bought one. Here is their progress: https://www.rtings.com/discussions/QifKWap1ZuxKdrid/review-updates-unknown-fairbuds-xl-headphones :person_gesturing_ok: