Fairbuds XL no battery cabled mode

Is it possible to remove the battery and use the headset as cabled one by using a USB-C cable? I would attach the headset to a computer or a phone.

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If I remember correctly, it is possible to use them without battery when using the USB-C - mini jack 3.5mm Cable, but not with a USB-C to USB-C cable. Also, they will be in a “passive” mode without battery and will not have the same sound characteristics that they have when turned on (with battery).
But why would you want to remove the battery (permanently) in the first place? If you want to use the headphones purely with a cable, you could just get others completely without battery and Bluetooth. They will be cheaper and less material-intensive to begin with.

PS: If you want something repairable anyway, check out the repeat.audio “Day” headphones.

I don’t mind about those downsides with using the headset without the battery.

About removing permanently the battery there must have been a misunderstanding.
I want to use the headset with the battery also.
I’m planning to use the Fairbuds XL to listen to music or phone calls during sparetime with the battery but also as an headset when i have a call/video call at work in cabled mode.
The calls at work can be very long so I thought about using the cabled mode.

The choice to use the XL also as headset is because they are repairable and long-lasting.