Fairbuds XL firmware update (V90)


already installed and tested it … the installation process worked by the first try, so the old issue that you need to try several time to install is resolved.

also I can confirm that the EQ settings are now held when the Fairbuds XL are rebooted or turned off

Now I’m really really happy with them … :slight_smile:


I’ve had now 3 firmware updates, I didn’t encounter this issue. Let’s hope it’s indeed resolved nonetheless.

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Everything works perfect since the update … I used them today since morning … :slight_smile: … I tried several times to reboot and also powered off and powered on again …

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Does anyone know of an EQ setting that works super well?

I generally have Amsterdam as the default but I’m always keen to use a setting that works to improve on the deficits.

this is my setting which I love and it’s for my Rock / Goth Rock music

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I have the Fairbuds XL and the new V90 update came out recently.
In the first attempt I had several failures until the app claimed that the update was successful.

Now the Fairbuds have been behaving strangely since then. Among other things, the start-up sound comes twice when I switch on the Fairbuds.

The most interesting thing, however, is that yesterday I got another message that there was a new update and it was the V90 version again.

Does anyone know this problem that the V90 update obviously cannot be installed successfully?

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The updates aren’t idempotent. If you reinstall the app, it will push the same update again. I don’t experience these issues though about the startup sound.

It’s not specific to V90, but here’s my experience with the double start-up sound glitch.

Mine suffered with a double start-up sound after failures to update with V87. I then also thought there might have been clicks and pops and other glitch sounds at various times, but couldn’t be sure. I contacted support and they took them in for repair. Eventually (they lost them for a month), they decided they couldn’t repair them and so sent me a new replacement. So I believe that you’d be eligible for a replacement.

My new set did again have trouble with the V90 firmware update, but after several attempts the app claimed success. I haven’t had a repeat of the double start-up sound, so that’s progress, I guess.

after a few attempts, it finally worked. It seems that you sometimes need a lot of patience with the update process.
The previous update was reasonably problem-free, but now with version V90 it took a lot of patience and various failures.

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Did it also fix the double start-up sound? It would be good to know if it did, just in case further updates suffer the same problems.

Maybe try a hard reset of the headset? In the documentation it’s described which long-press button (combination) is required to do that. I didn’t experience this bug. Also no issues with updates. I keep the update process in the foreground, maybe the app is paused when you minimise it and then the update fails.

Yes, double start sound is fixed too :slight_smile:

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