Fairbuds XL feature requests

I think others have requested similar things in various other posts, but I wanted to compile my list of feature requests now that I’ve had my Fairbuds XLs for a couple of months

  1. Choose the default mode that it starts up in. I always turn off ANC, so I would really like an option for this to be the default. Right now I have to wait for it to turn on, wait for it to connect, listen to the voice feedback, press the button to switch to ambient mode, listen to the voice feedback, press the button to switch to ANC-off, wait for the feedback. It’s pretty annoying.
  2. Option to disable the voice feedback or replace it with distinct tones/beeps. IMO the voice feedback has multiple issues. In addition to having to wait for it to complete after every action, I personally find the person’s voice annoying (sorry). It also feels too loud compared to the usual volume of the audio I’m listening to. Whenever I get the battery warning feedback, it always startles me, especially if no audio happens to be playing. The speech is very slow - I feel like it could be 2-3x faster and still be intelligible.
  3. Option to replace the voice. I would much rather replace it with a softer, faster voice. Almost all of ElevenLab’s AI voices are much nicer to my ear. Text to Speech & AI Voice Generator - ElevenLabs

I’m a bit obsessed by this, so I generated a bunch of variations from ElevenLabs, which play after the default voice in this mp3:

(obviously some people might prefer a male voice, but I didn’t take the time to try those)


I hope you are aware, that the forum isnt a support channel, so feature requests reported here are leading to nowhere?

It’s best to contactsupport and forward this list to them :slight_smile:

Thanks, I’ll do that. Still might be useful for the community to discuss the ideas.


Some of them are discussed here as well:

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Nice, glad to see those issues being tracked in one place, and in public.

Thanks for creating this list. I fully agree with your proposed features! Will be great if these can be implemented.

@brianpeiris did you hear back from support at all? If not I will raise this with them too