Fairbuds XL dual point connectivity not working

In the manual it mentions ‘dual point connectivity’’, however, when I hold in the ANC botton for 3 secunds it disconnets and goes in to pairing mode. I.e. apparently no dual connect, just disconnect and then reconnect to another devise.
Any suggestions on this is greatly appreceated.

After pairing to device 2, you should just be able to connect from device 1 and Fairbuds should say “second device connected” or something similar. And when you restart the Fairbuds, both devices should be able to connect directly.

(Also the term is multipoint, but that isn’t so relevant other than as a search term for finding this topic.)

Hi Aminda. Thanks for replying, but what I was trying to describe is that I never get the option/message to pair a secund device. Only connect a nother devise after disconnecting from a previous one, and no message about secund device connected.

As for the term dual point connectivity is what it is called in the manual, so I would think that is a pretty good base for searching the topic.

The thing is that pairing second device won’t unpair the first device (unless you explicitly factory reset) so you should be able to select Fairbuds XL in the first device settings without entering pairing mode again.