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I bought a pair of Fairbuds XL on Monday evening. I am experiencing an annoying problem, namlely a clicking sound whenever I move my head or walk. It sounds as if something would be moving inside the earpiece but this happens on both sides so it would be a weird technical problem to encounter. I have literally not found anything about this online, but if it is indeed a technical problem I would be surprised that this happened only to me and to both earpieces. I would be grateful for any help.

Thank you!

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Can you specify in which modes this problem happens? The default NC mode is indeed somewhat sensitive to sudden sounds. Or it could be something touching the earpieces and creating the NC feedback sound that way. Does this also happen without NC or ambient sound? You could also test the passive mode with either the analog cable or a USB-C connection.

I have the same issue. Already contacted the support and got a replacement. Unfortunately the new ones have the exact same clicking sound…

Appears even when the headphones are turned off.

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I still have not been able to produce anything that would fit your description. Can you be more precise on how to reproduce this? I gather it happens simply by walking or moving your head?

Now I also sent them away for repair. The issue is that there is a clicking sound when moving the headphones or when walking (thus still headphones moving). Sound like if a very small piece would be moving inside.

OK, I get that part. But how fast do you have to move them for the sound to appear? Does it also happen when they are turned off? No matter how I shake my head with them on, I cannot find a clicking sound.

I have to either shake my head left right up down. But with walking it happens by walking normally.

Also when they’re off?

In my case I just need to tilt my head slightly from side to side. Then I can hear a clicking sound on both sides.
It sounds like something is loose inside (like a screw or something else).

While walking it clicks every time when stepping on the floor.

This occurs even when they are off.
When I got my replacement, I just unboxed them, put them on my head (without turning them on) and slightly tilted my head. I recognised immediately the clicking sound on both sides.

Exactly like this! I am so glad someone else shares this problem. Must be Fairbuds fault then.

Indeed! By tilting my head left and right I can hear a faint clicking sound! But only on the left side, nothing on the right. It is so faint, though, that I really have to pay close attention to notice it. I never noticed it while walking - especially not when something was playing anyway.

Edit: Even more interesting: Apparently I can make the click “move” to the right side by shaking the headphones for a bit. But still, I really have to pay attention to notice it.

For me it was impossible to use them especially while walking/commuting. I hope they will fix this issue, but the fact that another user already tried and failed is not good to hear. Can’t Fairphone do anything about this? It appears to be a technical problem across headphones…

For me it was as loud, as someone would tap with his nails directly onto the earpiece.

This morning I got a reply from the support. They offered me to refund it. They also mentioned they would forward this issue to the relevant department.

If it gets fixed in near future, I would wait and order a new one.

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Got a pair of Fairbuds XL and I get the same clicking sound as reported in this post https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fairbuds-xl-clicking-sound/99448
It is highly annoying, sounds like a metal ball knocking back and forth in a small space when moving my head or walking, I was going to return them but I found out where it is coming from. It is coming from the part that allows the earcups to slightly swivel and twist and I have found that twisting the earcup fully forwards or back while putting them on stops the clicking sound. It is a little annoying that I have to do this on a £200+ pair of headphones though.


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