Fairbuds XL availability

Hello everyone,

I’ve been looking forward to buying a pair of Fairbuds XL. I had to wait until payday and then until all this month’s bills were paid. However, when I went to buy it said “unavailable”. Vexing

I’ve signed up for notifications for Fairbuds but I wonder whether there’s an ETA for restock. I know ownership anticipation is one of capitalism’s dirty tricks, but I have been looking forward to this and I feel a little thwarted.

Best wishes all round. My Fairphone 4 is rock solid after 6 months. The battery actually seems to be getting better.

Such queries ‘ought’ to be addressed to Fairphone support rather than a user forum :slight_smile:

My experience was that the ‘unavailable’ / ‘out of stock’ pops up temporarily - for whatever reason.
I had this last week from time to time too.
Nevertheless yesterday I had no problem ordering.
Just keep trying.


You probably bought a black one? Seems only the green Fairbuds XL are out if stock.

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Thats correct.
So the availability of green coloured plastic seems to be the limitation :slight_smile:

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Not really :slight_smile: I imagine Fairphone didn’t anticipate how much more attractive the green one are and didn’t have enough manufactured for the demand.

How about using black one over painted with pretty nail varnish, maybe purple with green spots or just wait around until those business mined people get the manufactures to up their game, at a price of course.

Hope you enjoy the painting or the wait :slight_smile:

In fact in the case of the FP4 the green backs are only grey/black painted green and some with dots . . . .

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Thanks everyone. I didn’t even look at the black ones. My phone is green, and I’ve got the green cover, so…

I’ll just have to make sure I’ve got the money ready in my account.

Or you could try if you find a shop that sells the green Fairbuds in the List of Fairphone 4 Resellers.

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Just for those who didn’t sign up for the notification, the Fairbuds XL (in GREEN) are back in stock :white_check_mark: now (black ones remain in stock)


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