Fairbuds XL 3.5mm to USB-C without battery?

Can the headset still work as a headset (mic+speaker) even if the battery is empty when connected via the 3.5mm jack to usb-c cable?

I’m looking for replacing my quiet comfort 2 which can do that, so meetings are never interrupted even though the battery is empty.

We made it possible for the USB-C connection to also be used for analog sound. That means that you can connect via a USB-C cable (not included in the packaging) in order to listen to music, even when your battery is discharged or no battery is available.

source: https://shop.fairphone.com/en/buy-fairbuds-xl FAQ " Why did you choose to go for wireless headphones rather than for a wired version?"

I didn’t read anywhere that microphone is supported via usb/3,5mm.

The cable has 4 contacts (left, right, mic, gnd) as you can see in the picture, so why wouldn’t it work?

It would be stupid design decision if it wouldn’t work. The mic is pretty much mentioned nowhere to be fair. The question is will it work without battery power.

I had no chance to try the mic, but I can say that at least the headphone part works with the cable in question and battery removed.
I had no luck connecting via “pure” USB cable while the battery was removed so far, though but had no time to investigate further.

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