Fairbuds TWS (the old ones): right one does not charge to the full

I use my Fairbuds for video-conferences on the computer. Since some time after 15 minutes or so the right one says ‘battery low’ en switches of. Anoying. I allways use both of them, I charge them regularly. Once in a while I do a reset (open box and press the button until the four leds flash). What can I do to get them both fully charged?

Unfortunately I do not know a remedy there either. If no one else can suggest anything, you might want to look into replacing the right earbud: Spare parts for your Fairphone, discover them here

:exclamation: Oh, and if you’re still in the first two years since purchase, you can contact Fairphone Support for a replacement under warranty. However, they might require you to send in your set (this should be free of cost for you).


I didn’t know I still could buy one new, I was afraid I had to ditch the set. Well, just bay a new right one, that is a thought. Thanks urs_lesse

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Did you try to clean the contacts of both sides with alcohol? Can you meet with somebody with Fairbuds to exchange the parts?


Thank you for this advice, read something like that on another thread. I’ll try that.

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@Joost_Verhoeven I had the same issue, cleaning both the charging case and earbuds’ connections with rubbing alcohol did the trick for me


I never realised the contacts in de box and on the Fairbuds could be dirty. Thank you all, my problem is solved.