Fairbuds poor connection

I recently purchased the black Fairbuds to use with my Fairphone 5. When out walking with my phone in my pocket the music stutters quite a bit.

I just took them on my first jog and was impressed with how they stayed firmly in my ears but the connection was horrendous. I would say around 1/4 of the time they were either not playing or were stuttering. I have had £5 wireless headphones that has a much more stable connection than this.

I am playing the music through YT music and it is downloaded onto my phone.

Are there any settings that may help to solve this issue?

I also observed that the wireless range does not seem to be very good in general: One issue is that when I have my phone in my thigh pockets (right side), then it plays fine for a while. But at some point it starts having a bad reception without anything else having changed. It then helps to take the phone out of my pocket and move it closer to my left side.
My best guess: To my knowledge, the “main” headphone role changes from time to time to even out battery use across both earbuds. When that role changes to the left side, the reception gets too bad with my body in the way.
I have a feeling that this might be a limitation of the small form factor and resulting small antennas. Thus, my hopes of a software fix are limited, but it would surely be nice if range could be improved somehow.

I’m on the Fairphone 5 as well, and have no Bluetooth connection problems at all.
Use in earbuds from Jabra and overears from Sony.
Maybe its a hardware problem with your phone,
but hopefully it can be fixed through an software update :crossed_fingers::blush:.

Yeah, I am really hoping for a software fix too but it seems unlikely. They have got a small form factor but I haven’t had this issue with other headphones with similar size and especially not at this cost.

If it’s not that mine are defective then I would definitely say they aren’t fit for purpose in their current format.

Completely agree, not had issues with my FP5 and other headphones. I think it is an issue with the new model Fairbuds.

I was hoping there might be a setting on FP5 or their Fairbuds that fixed the issue but it seems unlikely.

Same issue. It’s practically unusable when going out with my phone in my bag or in my pocket. If it can’t be fixed software-wise, can we hope that Fairphone will propose replacement parts that could fix the issue?

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Please get in contact with Fairphone support to report the issue and get some solution

I think I will, I have a second pair coming due to having a lot of Keep Club points, I will see how they compare to each other before contacting.