Fairbuds microphone seems very poor - experiences?

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using the Fairbuds now for a few weeks. While I’m happy with the quality of the sound I get to hear, I’ve now heard many times that people on the other side of a call (either through the phone or on a video call through MS Teams) cannot hear me well. Just now I had the issue - after I switched to my old cable headphones, it was much better.

I tried reproducing the issue once, but my colleague said he could hear me well, so perhaps it’s not always the case. Has anybody else experienced this issue with the Fairbud micro?


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Like described here?

Or rather here?


Ah yes, the second post seems to pick up my issue - I saw the topic before posting, but didn’t make the connection with noise cancelling. Will keep track of that issue then, thanks!

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Thanks so I will close here to not duplicate.

And best is to report to support, the more information they have the better