Fairbuds crash every few minutes

I went for a run with my brand new Fairbuds and they kept crashing every 5 minutes or so (most of the time with a loud cracking sound in the speakers).

Putting them back in the box allowed to restart them. Anyone else has encountered this?

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Hi and welcome.

I opened a topic for you. Could you add if you use the Fairbuds with an iOS or Android device and if you already have the most recent firmware v5.6?

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Sorry, I wasn’t sure I should create a new topic

I didn’t had the 5.6 firmware update yesterday when using the app, I’m doing it right away. I’m on Android.
This was only happening when connected to my Garmin smartwatch, not my phone nor laptop. I’m not sure I won’t be able to test it anytime soon with my watch.

EDIT: I can’t do the firmware update, the app stays stuck at 1% downloading for 15 seconds then I’m told it has failed. I reset the app without more success. Maybe I’ll wait for an app update? I’m on 2.0 without update in Play Store.


Seems you didnt see the most recent version yet

I’ve had this happen on the latest firmware on my steamdeck, it might’ve been an one off thing so I’ll keep this updated if it occurs again

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Hi, even on the newest firmware, I have the same issue with my Garmin Epix Watch. Will this be fixed soon? Because otherwise I will need to return them.

So I did a simple test:

  • I used the buds on my smartphone for several hours at home, no particular issues (apart from the range that seems a bit low to me, but consider the size of the buds/antenna… I’m OK with it).
  • I used the buds on my Garmin smartwatch to listen to music, and they completely crashed as described after about 5 minutes.
    First time it crashed, it was when I did the gesture to increase the volume. Couldn’t reproduce afterwards, so maybe a coincidence.

It seems we are at least two that have the issues with a Garmin smartwatch, one with a Steam Deck, maybe a pattern when it is not a regular smartphone/laptop?

In case it helps, my watch is a Forerunner 255S Music. Last buds firmware of course.

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Did you contactsupport ? This would at least increase the probability of a fix.


I have the same problem since today. I’m using a Pixel 6a with GrapheneOS, and it may have been since the latest OS update. they make a loud cracking noise, when I’m listening to something, and they don’t make a noise, if I’m not listening to anything. I measured the time and I’m coming out at just under 5 minutes, consistently. they turn on again if I tap and hold them normally or if I put them back in the case and take them out again.