Fairbuds: ANC allway on after startup?!

The fairbudus don’t seem to store the anc state (anc is allways activated when they turn on).
I don’t know if this is fixable, but i want to document it.

One of the issues that annoys me pretty much.

If the last state is not restorable i would prefer and find it more logical if anc was off by default. Maybe its possible to make a default state selectable in the app?


100% agreed. I hate that I always have to press through all the ANC states to turn it off, in particular as the system gets so loud with wind etc.

Hi and welcome to the forum. Best is to report this to Fairphone support, the forum is not offiical support channel.

Welcome to the forums! Great amount of general information here from users, however Fairphone themselves do very rarely read them but has opened them up to let users have an open and central place to discuss Fairphone and the products.

I’ve been wanting this myself for quite some time so I went ahead and wrote a ticket to Fairphone about it. I’ll post any eventual updates about it if I remember to.

I sincerely hope they implement this as I often wear my headphones in windy days and while I’m on my electric scooter. It’s quite a pain sometimes to keep my left hand off the handlebar as the throttle is on the right handle to adjust the ANC settings and having to hear the voice finish before I can go to the next one. Then that I get an explosion of noise in the wind when it has to switch over to ambient sound before going to ANC off.

I specifically asked for a toggle option in the app settings that can save the ANC state, hopefully that can be added to get best of both worlds!


They responded with the following:

Thank you for supporting Fairphone and for reaching out.
We appreciate your input and will make sure to forward these ideas internally. If this is something we would take into consideration for the future or if we would like to ask some more questions, someone from the relevant department will reach out to you.
We value your comments since they give a good insight into the wishes and needs of our community.
If you have any other inquiries, please do let us know.
Have a nice day!

Hopefully they’ll look into it!

The more people request this the higher the chance…


@defini-tiv @ceramicplanet If you two go ahead and make a request to the support as well it would be greatly appreciated!