FairBnB - A smart and fair solution for community powered tourism

Continuing the discussion from #EFCT17: European Fairphoners Community Trip to Amsterdam 2017 (31/7 - 6/8/17):

General info on FairBnB: https://fairbnb.coop/

Hey, just letting you all know that there is now a FairBnb Forum:

They also have a short 2-minute10-minute (not so fair – the e-mail said two minutes) survey running at the moment (unfortunately on Google docs…):

CC: @Amber @laurent_guerguy @Umut.Acik @Chris_R @werner_noebauer @z3ntu @paulakreuzer @Douwe @Friek @Irina_Spitznagel @AlbertJP


Doesn’t open with https. :frowning:

Then I guess someone needs to tell them. :grin:

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