Fair phone turns off all alone 10 times a day

I’ve bought my fariphone 2 40 days ago and it has never worked properly. Il turns off all alone while I am in the middle of a conversation on the phone, or surfing on the web, or even when I don’t use it. I sent it back to the reseller Sosh in FRANCE, which told me it had fixed it, but it hasn’t changed anything. Now, it has worsened : 2 days ago it started not displaying the phone icon anymore when someone is calling me and I have to quickly go to the icon by myself before the person calling hangs up. I asked the Fariphone assistance to help me. I’ve also asked Sosh and they offer to fix it again - which has not worked the first time. I am desperate : spending so much money for a phone not working and worsening after only 40 days is a pity. Does someone knows how to fix that ? Does fair phone offer to change the phone in that case ? Thanks for your advices.

Does the phone turn off and stay off or reboot? (-> rebootsguide)?

That sounds a bit like this permissions issue.

If we can’t find solutions here on the forum you should contact Fairphone support directly and ask for a replacement.


thank you paulakreuzer
It turns off and then on again by itself so is it considered as a reboot ?

Yes, that’s a reboot.

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So what shall l do to prevent it from rebooting ? I went on at the permission issues and it doesn’t change much things.

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