Fair phone losing write access to sd card after Android update

Hi folks,

Recently updated my fp2 to the latest official release, age all good until today, when my phone stopped being able to write to thesd card. I have the card formatted as internal memory, and all the apps i have on it are in a constant crash cycle. I can still read my music library from the card etc, so it’s connected and recognised, the problem seems to be writing to the card. Guess maybe the card is corrupt (although it still reads perfectly, so I doubt it) or something in the system has shut down write access for some reason. Anyone have any relevant experience, or know how you get at the access permissions for media?



Oh, I have a few flash memory devices (cards, sticks) lying around already with exactly that behaviour. At one point, the controller on the card/stick seemingly had enough and refused to write on the medium any further.
So I think it would not be uncommon to be only able to read in the case of the card failing.

But since I don’t use an SD card as Internal Storage, I don’t know whether the situation in the phone can be resolved somehow.

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Hello. On my side It seems I dont have Read and Write rights granted on the system folder, and I don’t know how to grant them. The SD card behaves normally though.

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