(Fair)phone as navigation device on motorcycle - vibrations/shock absorbtion

Hey all! New here,

I was wondering about the use of a fairphone as navigation device on my motorcycle. Currently I use my not-so-fair phone and it works fine. I use SP connect product and I have an anti-vibration module to further mitigate the stress on the phone. However I was wondering about the fairphone in this case. As it is my understanding most phones are assembled and glued tightly, the fairphone is not (and thats a feature, I totally get that)

My question is: will a fairphone(5) break down if used as navigation device on my motorcycle? I wont condsider it an inferior product if its the case, it just might not be suited for that usage. (or perhaps I worry over nothing)

Thanks in advance!

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I don’t think anyone can make a definite statement about the fairphone 5 yet, since it hasn’t even hit the regular market yet. I’d say it’s of course possible that a connection comes loose, but at the same time it’s much easier to reconnect it. So it’s a doubly-edged-sword I guess.

As for the Fairphone 4 and given my recent experience with ghost inputs on that device I could imagine that a lot of vibration could make this specific issue worse, as it seems to be related to the physical degradation of the connection of the phone’s display and its main module.

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I have read several posts here in the forum about using e.g. the FP4 on bycicles and would expect as long as you are not driving constantly off-road that there are less shocks applied on motorbike…and if anything should be loose at some point you can just re-tighten the screws.

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