FAIR PHONE 3+ doesn't work, no support. Deceived

Hi, I write you from Spain. I tried to get support online, but the requirements you make, made it impossible. The serial number of the phone is not where it was supposed to be. Not I understand what is my network? I only wanted to contact with the support team, but I can’t.
The issue is something maybe other FAIRPHONE 3+ users have experienced or will experience, a problem with the contact of the screen with the rest of the CPU. I believe it is a design problem. The contact get loose and the phone screens become useless (coloured snowy pattern). I have solved a couple of times tightening the screws, but the problem persist. My phone no longer works and I get no support.
I believed in the ethical background of Fairphone project, but maybe in Spain is to early because we just get no support. I need help, or just consider all lost money and time…
Really deceived up to this point.

I don’t own a PF3, so this is blind advice (the technique has worked well for me).

At least one side of each contact ought to be bendable (a strip of metal attached on only one end) or compressible (a helical spring). With the tip of a needle I would go under the part of this contact and gently (!!!) bend it a tiny bit towards where it would meet its counterpart. In places where a straight needle could not reach (blocked by surrounding parts), a dentist’s tool with a sharp end did reach.

In days gone by, sometimes corrosion on the contacting spot hat to be removed, but I doubt that contacts in a modern phone would corrode.

On the side of Fairphone there is an article on where to find the IMEI number on a Fairphone 3. The IMEI number is on the inside of the phone at the side of the battery housingas shown in the article.
With the network the name of your provider is meant.


Take a look at this thread and its response. Maybe you have the same problem I had some months ago (which I also found very frustrating).

Un saludo, vecino! :wink:


Thank you. It’s not that I bend the screen, it just decides when not to work, and it is frustrating. It makes the device useless.

This is what I mean, no number. I’ve the e mails of when I bought it. The main complain is that I get no assistance because of how you have built the way to get it, and there are no fairphone shops close to Madrid as far as I know.
I ve got the e mails of when I aqcuired it. I think Fair phone knows there is something that doesn’t work well with this model, and there is where I ask “what are you going to do”. It is a 500€ product and I bought it because of the ethical background, but it is a lot of money for me.

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This is a user forum so we cant do anything official to help you.

Call them and see if they help without the IMEI.

Edit or write an “ordinary” email instead of using the contact form

All info here contactsupport


I just noticed that the “delivery note” for my FP3 (it came attached to the box I received the phone in at November 2019) includes the phone’s IMEI: “Serial: ###…”. If you still have that note (I scanned and archived mine), maybe you can find the IMEI of your FP3 there.

I hope it helps.


I haven’t found any e mail where to write, but the contact form

I believe this is what @yvmuell meant

If the form doesn’t appear to submit and you really didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail, e-mail the details that you put into the form to support@fairphone.com. Filling out the form is still the easiest and fastest way to get a relevant answer, so it is recommended to only do this if the form doesn’t work. There has been a rare report of an ad-blocker being incompatible with the support form, so it may be worth a shot to white list the page with the support form before resorting to e-mail.


Hello Chema!
I´m Stefan, the Fairphone Angel of Madrid.
If you still have the phone we can have a look at it together.
I´m by no means an expert, but maybe we can try some things as I also have a FP3+.
I live next to Metro Quintana in Madrid. If you want, please send me a message to the “Madrid Heaven”, then I´m more likely to see the message.
Saludos, Stefan


As FP3 owner I can tell you in my case the IMEIs are there… maybe it was done with a thermoprinter and yours arent legible anymore? This can happen and often an overlooked issue with thermoprinted stickers is they dont hold for long in certain conditions. Or worse their printer was out of ink. It is also on a sticker on the blue cover of box the phone came with (checked)