Fair operating system for a fair phone

Hi everyone!
I’m a new user really concerned about privacy and security, so i’d like to ask you if the company will adopt a TRULY fair os like postmarketOS (I know that, at the time of writing, a lot of things are not working, but i think that it could became a more reliable and secure choice than it is Android).
If the aswer to the previous question is no, i’d like to know if there is a possibility that the phone will be compatible with security focused Android ROMs such as GrapheneOS, or if the Fairphone official os is being developed with the less proprietary software as possible (like The Open GApps Project does with the Pico Package for example).
At the beginning of this topic i’ve proposed postmarketOS, becouse Android is being developed and maintained mostly by Google and the Open Handset Alliance) and both could have modified the os to fit their needs to collect data from users.

(English isn’t my mother tongue so corrections and constructive criticism are welcome!)

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