Fair? Not really

No, but most are not problems of “the Fairphone”, but some or even many Fairphones.

About the slim cases: There were two batches with production issues: One caused reboots and one cracked again. Sure, lots of people are affected and post on the forum at once which can make it seem like the product is just no good, but I’m sure there have been many batches of slim covers produced already so still most slim covers don’t have issues.
And yes, a big company with lots of money and resources can do long term tests on all batches of their products to find possible issues, but for a small company like Fairphone it makes much more sense to only do some basic testing and then do free replacements of all faulty products if a batch has issues.

We have general rules not to post off topic and if OP posts a reasonable help request then of course these answers are off topic. If you find someone who regularly posts such answers uncalled-for please let us moderators know and we’ll have a talk with them.
But if OP seems to assume that their problem is a general problem then telling them that it’s not is the first step to a solution.

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That doesn’t answer my question because both issues I had would have been found with using it for half an hour.

I really do feel for you. And I can quite understand, that it’s - in the best case - annoying to read, that others don’t share your problem.
My guess would be, that everyone knows, that not all phones have the same troubles. Still it is kind of annoying and frustrating to read in this forum especially about reboot-issues nearly since day one, with lengthy threads, solutions for some, workarounds for others and please contact support for the rest.
Reboots seem to be the “headaches” of this phone. They have various reasons and more often than not those remain unclear. My guess still is, that they - at least partially - are caused by the modularity; maybe connection isdues?
As I see it, that’s the price for being an early adaptor to a completely new and revolutionary design. Of course my phone is still useable, like yours was until recently and I would be p…d as well, would it break down completely.
Yet, FP is a small company, doing their best (as far as I can see), and they sure as hell know of those troubles and are not happy about them. I just hope, they are working on enhancing the design, removing bugs etc.
In a way it’s better to solve the problems, than to talk about them.
Although communications sometimes still seems to bean issue, when it comes to support, they seem to have answered timely in your case and even discussed an individual solution.


True, but FP might have tested the case, finding no fault, as it seemed, that the fault happened with some batches during “mass production”. And, as @paulakreuzer already said, a small company like FP has not the means to test every batch.


The white cover doesn’t have an issue with getting dirty. White gets dirty - that is basic common sense. Just take the cover off and wash it with some water or - if necessary - soap.
The reboots issue might be easy to find if you expect it, but if you don’t then as a small company you’ll test a few slim covers to make sure they work and if they do that’s it. Just because there was a batch that had faults that doesn’t mean that every piece in that batch caused issues. Maybe they tested 3 working covers in a batch of 300 that had 100 faulty peaces.


Project Treble is a big step forward because Google managed to get major chipset producers to one table and they seem to work together, from what I read. Interesting interview with two Android engineers. Unfortunately, while Android 8 is perfectly able to run on the FP2 (demonstrated by LineageOS 15.1), Project Treble’s completely new standardized hardware abstraction layer will most probably never arrive on FP2’s “old” Snapdragon 801 chipset.

Or not and their phones catch fire and explode (Samsung Galaxy Note 7).

This sounds like a math task that we had to do at school. “Calculate the probability of finding at least one faulty phone.” :joy:


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