Fair? Not really

I do understand why you feel let down, but it’s not a matter of whether you are believed or not. The issue is that you didn’t act.

I think it would be difficult for anyone to say with certainty that your current problem is related to the previously problem… It could be entirely coincidental unfortunately. Unless you can prove faulty workmanship or a design flaw.

Sorry, I know it’s not what you want, but unfortunately out of warranty claims are like trying to claim on an insurance policy you’ve already cancelled or has expired


Relating to “random reboots” we just recently helped some other user in this case.
It was the third (replaced) FP2 with random reboots. Hope was almost gone, but it showed that the problem was also some interference with a wifi network access point. At last the FP2 was working ok and the problem was not entirely FP2 related.

This case changed my overal point of view that not all troubles with the phone are purely caused by the phone itself and also more focus has to be put on unexpectedly external conditions.

I have phone no.9601 and it works flawless.

We also had a topic about this shortly.


@anon87905765 You still haven’t told us what you tried already (unless opening the phone took you 3 days) or given us a lot of other information that helps us help you, like: What OS are you running?, or when do the reboots happen? E.g. do they happen in a specific Wifi?, when the phone runs hot?, while using specific apps (even in the background - e.g. Facebook)?, when the phone is put on the table?,…

This is a community forum, so here you get help from community members, who are not bound to a 2-year warranty, but are willing to take their time to help you for free no matter how old your phone is.
This is what we are here for and what we can offer. We are not here to listen to rants about things we can’t change.

So if you want our help, please post info we can use to help you in the #fairphone2help category (e.g. in this topic). If you just want to rant please do so elsewhere.


Fair enough, I started another thread in F2 help.
Thank you.

As for the rant I’m sorry if this is not the appropriate channel, but I believe it’s important to warn users about the bad experiences they may suffer with this company by sharing our own experiences.

FP2 is the first smartphone I ever bought, it was extremely expensive as compared to others. It was claimed to be built to last, to be “repairable”, and I really appreciated the ideas behind but honestly I can’t pay again 400€ (that’d mean a total cost of 929€…) and I don’t feel that I did something wrong…
I now feel that I made a horrible mistake and really consider about going back to good-old-non-smart phones, these ones are really built to last and I’ll probably better support the planet this way.


It is. But repairable is not the same as unlimited warranty.

You’re the only one who could have prevented you from having to pay for a replacement part by claiming warranty on time. The FP2 may be your first smartphone, but I’m sure it’s not your first electronic device so you’re probably familiar with a 2 year warranty on electronics.


Hi @anon87905765,

I am not technically experienced enough to help you with the reboot problems, hopefully you get help at the places others in this thread directed you to.

But every now and then I like to advocate some perspective changes.
Just some rough thoughts:

  • We in Europe cry “not fair” when we face potential loss of 500 Euro over a broken device. In Congo people may cry “not fair” over a lost limb, poisoning or a lost life while digging for the resources for our precious gadgets. (I know that to some extend I am going out on a limb here because I do not know anything about you. And maybe you are even a refugee and have worked in one of the dangerous mines)
  • Every other Fairphone customer relies on company Fairphone not granting ‘endless’ warranty to other customers. Cause that could send the company into bankruptcy, meaning an end to the production of spare parts.
  • I do not think that a lot of people at Fairphone are getting very rich by ripping their customers Instead I think they try (probably understuffed) to make the world a little better, as pathetic as that may sound. This also means that while we customers spend a little more money than usual on our smartphone the FP employees probably earn less than they could when working for other companies.
  • Company Fairphone is ‘only’ reconnecting existing players (e.g. mines, assemblers, software providers). If all these had the highest standards, there’d be far less faulty FP devices. The bigger Fairphone gets, the more impact it can have on these players. So: yes, please everybody: keep supporting Fairphone, keep pre-ordering when possible and so on! There aren’t so many others trying to fundamentally improve the fields targeted by FP!

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Sorry, but if wifi causes the phone to reboot it’s totally the fault of the phone. Imagine that you have a laptop that reboots because of a wifi.

I’m really sick of reading ‘but my phone works’. Not everybody writes in this forum what a crappy product they bought either. It’s great that I can repair my FP2. But it’s not great that I actually replaced most of the phone after 2 years. Built to last? Now two years are over and I have reboots again and a flickering screen. The white slim case I’ve got is not just plain ugly but does not fit to the phone (I didn’t get a replacement even in the warranty) and is as robust as an eggshell too. I’m done with Fairphone.

If a laptop runs Windows (backed by billions of dollars), macOS (backed by billions of dollars) or Linux (backed by thousands of developers), it is unlikely for that thing to happen.

If Google (backed by billions of dollars) screwed up the whole software system of its open source OS Android then it’s their fault. (It’s cumbersome to point fingers and search for a culprit. Maybe it’s the fault of the WiFi router’s manufacturer?) The problem here is that no phone model shares the same kernel and OS, even if they are on the same version. Changes most often don’t get pushed upstream, so if Samsung (backed by billions of dollars) fixes a critical Android issue with a small subset of WiFi routers, Fairphone (backed by 2.5 million Euro and ~5 developers) doesn’t automatically benefit from those fixes.


Funny how you don’t want to hear of working phones, but still postulate any (not specific) number of people who have problems. In fact, there is no (serious) statistic in how many defects there really are…


I didn’t say that I wouldn’t want to hear of working phones. Actually I would like to hear that all the phones are working. If your phone works 5 years without replacing half of it, please share it with everybody. Everybody here wants a fair phone that is sustainable. But if the Fairphone has problems you should talk about them because it is the only way to make it better.

I don’t need to postulate any number of people who have problems. The repeating answer ‘but my phones works’ in this forum when people have a lot of problems with their phone was the reason I wrote about my problems in the first place. I was the one those answer often postulated to not exist. It’s just not helpful. If you want to solve problems you have to acknowledge them first.


This is a community forum and the community can only help people with specific problems with their phones, not fix problems that all FPs have (if such shall exist).
The “mine works” answer is a logical reaction to people posting about their problems as though they were problems with all FPs, because you can only help someone fix their problem once they acknowledge that it’s their problem and not every FP owner’s.

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Thanks for pointing that out. It’s a big problem. Google tries to push phone companies to participate upstream. I think they announced it 3 years ago…?! Did something change since then?

My point was not that it’s the Fairphone developers’ fault. My point was that it’s the technical fault of the phone. Even if the router doesn’t comply with wifi standards it must not cause a reboot of the phone, laptop or whatever. You have to fix it on the side of the phone.


So all the common issues are just singularities? I think that would complicate the support of the community.

Just an example what I don’t understand about the process at Fairphone. Maybe someone can explain it to me. The first generation case broke because the two materials decided to go their own way. I understand that you may not see that coming when designing such a product. But with the slim case I got the feeling that it was totally untested. Two things that happened to my case: The white case accumulates all the colors of my clothes. The phone rebooted a heck lot of times because of the power button that was too big. Usually you get test specimens before buying the whole bunch of production. So you can correct such design flaws. Why didn’t that happen?

PS: In some support forums there are even rules that suggest not to post ‘I don’t have your problem’ answers. They don’t help and just clutter the thread.


No, but most are not problems of “the Fairphone”, but some or even many Fairphones.

About the slim cases: There were two batches with production issues: One caused reboots and one cracked again. Sure, lots of people are affected and post on the forum at once which can make it seem like the product is just no good, but I’m sure there have been many batches of slim covers produced already so still most slim covers don’t have issues.
And yes, a big company with lots of money and resources can do long term tests on all batches of their products to find possible issues, but for a small company like Fairphone it makes much more sense to only do some basic testing and then do free replacements of all faulty products if a batch has issues.

We have general rules not to post off topic and if OP posts a reasonable help request then of course these answers are off topic. If you find someone who regularly posts such answers uncalled-for please let us moderators know and we’ll have a talk with them.
But if OP seems to assume that their problem is a general problem then telling them that it’s not is the first step to a solution.

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That doesn’t answer my question because both issues I had would have been found with using it for half an hour.

I really do feel for you. And I can quite understand, that it’s - in the best case - annoying to read, that others don’t share your problem.
My guess would be, that everyone knows, that not all phones have the same troubles. Still it is kind of annoying and frustrating to read in this forum especially about reboot-issues nearly since day one, with lengthy threads, solutions for some, workarounds for others and please contact support for the rest.
Reboots seem to be the “headaches” of this phone. They have various reasons and more often than not those remain unclear. My guess still is, that they - at least partially - are caused by the modularity; maybe connection isdues?
As I see it, that’s the price for being an early adaptor to a completely new and revolutionary design. Of course my phone is still useable, like yours was until recently and I would be p…d as well, would it break down completely.
Yet, FP is a small company, doing their best (as far as I can see), and they sure as hell know of those troubles and are not happy about them. I just hope, they are working on enhancing the design, removing bugs etc.
In a way it’s better to solve the problems, than to talk about them.
Although communications sometimes still seems to bean issue, when it comes to support, they seem to have answered timely in your case and even discussed an individual solution.


True, but FP might have tested the case, finding no fault, as it seemed, that the fault happened with some batches during “mass production”. And, as @paulakreuzer already said, a small company like FP has not the means to test every batch.


The white cover doesn’t have an issue with getting dirty. White gets dirty - that is basic common sense. Just take the cover off and wash it with some water or - if necessary - soap.
The reboots issue might be easy to find if you expect it, but if you don’t then as a small company you’ll test a few slim covers to make sure they work and if they do that’s it. Just because there was a batch that had faults that doesn’t mean that every piece in that batch caused issues. Maybe they tested 3 working covers in a batch of 300 that had 100 faulty peaces.


Project Treble is a big step forward because Google managed to get major chipset producers to one table and they seem to work together, from what I read. Interesting interview with two Android engineers. Unfortunately, while Android 8 is perfectly able to run on the FP2 (demonstrated by LineageOS 15.1), Project Treble’s completely new standardized hardware abstraction layer will most probably never arrive on FP2’s “old” Snapdragon 801 chipset.

Or not and their phones catch fire and explode (Samsung Galaxy Note 7).

This sounds like a math task that we had to do at school. “Calculate the probability of finding at least one faulty phone.” :joy:


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