Faiphone don't charge well

Hi guys, I have a problem when I charge the phone.
The phone doesn’t want to charge if the battery is completely off. It starts to charge for 6 seconds and It falls asleep for about 30 minutes. This last until the sum of each 6 seconds get the battery charged until 6%… after that, It starts to work as normal! I wonder, Is it hardware or software problem?

That’s strange behavior. Does the phone get hot during charging and could that explain the cooldown phases?

If the battery is empty can you get into #dic:recovery mode and if so does it keep charging there?
Or what happens if you plug in the phone without a battery?


Dear Paula, thank you for replying so promptly to my question.
1.No, the phone doesn’t get hot during charging.
2. I cannot get into recovery mode if the battery is completely off.
3. I try to charge without battery. The phone turns on and off continously.

Okay, that’s what should happen without a battery inside the phone, so that could mean that the problem comes from the battery.


I understand. Thank you very much. The battery is only 1.5 years old :frowning:

Unfortunately batteries can stop working correctly quite fast, that’s also why batteries only have 1 year warranty instead of 2 like other FP modules.
But it could still be something else too.


Please also go through the #batteryguide for further troubleshooting.

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Thank you very much Patrick, I’ll read it!

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