Failure in the fingerprint detector. Lack FM radio

• The fingerprint detector DOES NOT WORK. It doesn’t matter how many times it is cleaned.
• This telephone -like the previous model- does not have an FM radio receiver. Incomprehensible in a model of this price and quality.

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First of all, could you tell us, which phone you are talking about?

If its fingerprint sensor is not working at all, you should ask support for assistance, because it might have some flaws, but it is working generally.

A FM radio is for me not a useful part of a smartphone at all, like a cigarette lighter or a bottle opener, I would not expect it in a modern phone.


I think a FM radio is necessary for when mobile phone networks are down, being able to tune to a FM radio station to receive emergency information during floods, forest fires, storms, earthquakes terrorist attacks… instead of a 3.5mm jack, a additional USB-C jack for the earphones/antenna.

Thanks for your contribution but actually I assume all reasons for and against an FM radio have already been exchanged in this longer topic:

(If you’ve read all 98 posts and still think there’s something important to add then give me a hint and I’ll reopen it)


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