Failure in the core module and recover information

My FP2 seems to have died: it’s not starting up and when I try to charge it, only the red LED appears.
I checked with the #fairphoneangels and the problem seems to be the core module.

  • First question: the second hand market is the only way to get a new core module? Reading the topics in this forum it seems to be that way. Could you confirm?
  • Second question: I assume that my data and information is located in the failed core module. How can I recover this information? None of the topics I found in this forum could help me (If there is one, please link it and I will check)
    Thank you very much.

Right now, the only way to get a new core module is by having FP repair your FP2 (expensive if it’s out of warranty) or through the second hand market (cheaper but your results may of course vary). Vireo used to carry them but they’re all gone. If you keep an eye out here on the forum, FP2s get offered for cheap or free fairly regularly.

Data recovery depends entirely on what point your phone boots to. Can you get it to recovery or fastboot? If so, it may be possible to pull data off the phone through the Android Debug Bridge. A last resort for thoroughly broken core modules is reading the SoC flash memory directly, but that requires desoldering and some specialised equipment, so it’s best left up to professional data recovery services.


Nitpick: the SoC is the main processor (System on Chip, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 ARM CPU). The data is stored in another chip: a flash memory chip, an eMMC NAND flash to be precise. :wink:


How can identify this flash memory card? Is there any tutorial, guide or anything?
Thank you very much

Thank you very much.
The phone does not boot at all. I can not do any recovery boot or similar. I understand that the only way is to acces the flash memory chip.

See Step 12 at
It’s not a card, therefore …

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