Failing battery!?

Hi, I diagnosed that my battery may be failing. The diagnostic tool said to allow the battery to run down to 1%, then take it out and leave it for a while, then replace and recharge. But I’m having problems. 1) I can’t open the phone - I’ve done what I did before and viewed the videos on YouTube, but the case won’t come off. 2) While I’ve been trying to remove the case it has now completely run out of charge, which I guess is not good for the battery anyway.

Is it just that I need longer fingernails, or is there something I should release that doesn’t show up in the videos? And will running out of charge kill my battery anyway?

If you are right handed place Fairphone 2 in right hand with back cover (Fairphone lettering) uppermost, Try to move bottom right hand corner next to charging slot upwards with your left thumb fingernail.

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There have been two different kinds of cases for the Fairphone 2, the original “Regular Case” (“one-piece”) and the “Slim Case” (“two-piece”) that succeeded the former after several months. The Regular Case consisted partly of elastic material, the Slim Case consisted of two parts, both made of hard plastic. iFixit offers instructions complete with clear photos for both:


Oh, and running out of charge will not (immediately) kill your battery, but it should happen as seldom as possible.

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Thanks. I know that, but it seems to be dying anyway because I hadn’t realised that these batteries shouldn’t be fully discharged then fully charged, as other rechargeables used to. Stupid, but expensive error, so i’ll buy a new battery as soon as it becomes unworkable.

Thanks for your help.


Had to put some charge in to contact family, but it seems to be happy now, so I think my diagnosis of failing battery due to misunderstood charging instructions, is probably right.

I should really have stuck to more mainstream phones until I understood better!

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Discharging until turn off, then completely recharge, allow fully discharge again and complete recharge is recommended to reset battery statistics in order to let the phone control correctly the battery. It is highly not recommended for daily use, like with any other rechargeable battery of same type (Li-Ion), as far as I know.

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