Factory resetting

Hi I couldnt download apps or when I could they wouldnt open so went through all the google android troubleshooting and even after factory resetting it’s still doing the same


Do you still have a warranty and is there a #fairphoneangel nearrby that can assist?

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Now it keeps restarting and saying my SD card is missing or needs reformatting

Hi, I’ll contact Fairphone and find out
Oh never heard of those sounds handy haha

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Do you have an SD card? if so was it formatted as Internal, which is problematic.

Ensure you have no SD card and no SIM card and try a factory reset as described below not via the Settings menu ~ that is one of the first things they will ask.

NOT Fairphone starts normally

FOLLOW Fairphone does not boot anymore


Thank ya very much! :slight_smile:

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