Facial recognition works too well

If I get a notification and want to see what it is the facial recognition opens the phone and sends me to my home screen faster than I can read it. It even picks it up when I try to face the phone a little bit away from myself.

Is there a way of dialling it back or even leaving notifications open when it does unlock? A lot of the time I’m just checking notifications and putting the phone back in my pocket so I don’t even need it unlocked. Considering turning FR off if not.

Also the process for setting up my facial recognition seemed very quick…my last phone (iPhone) several years ago needed to see all sides of my face whereas ff5 snapped the one picture before I’d even realised what was happening and that was it. Is that all it needs or does some handsome devil with a face vaguely similar to mine have a chance of getting in?

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yes, Google’s solution doesn’t rely on 3D data and is a convenience rather than a security feature - which is why you can’t use it for authorizing sensitive actions like payments and such. I’ve been easily able to fool it with a photo in the past.