Facial recognition FFP4

Hi Guys,

Does anyone know how to get the facial recognition to work on the FFP4.

There a link some how says you can do it here.


I think it’s a fake article and that the screen shots are from a Samsung device. I’m only aware of a fingerprint being the unique biometric method to unlock a FP4.


Even if the feature was there, it wouldn’t be secure because the selfie camera lacks 3D scanning capabilities and IR. The only Android phone that has secure face unlock is the Pixel 4 (as far as I know).

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Basically, there is no need to discuss this further.
The FP4 does not support Face Unlock and the linked article is fake.
As Volker said, the screenshots are from something, but definitely not from an FP4.
There was never anything there either. In no previously published release

You must not believe everything you find on the Internet :wink:


ah yeah, i also found this article, it shows a Samsung device…
I think thats just as generated article, where they just change the model Name.
There are also some grammar mistakes in it, which make it looks translated or bad copy & paste.

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