Facetime phone calls on wifi

Does anyone know how to change your settings so that you can use the facetime calling function by using Wi-fi? I am using the Fairphone in the US, so 3G does not work, so if I want to video-call with someone I would need to use Wifi

Maybe you mean something else, but “Facetime” is a proprietary Apple app for iOS only. There is no “Facetime” on Android. So having established that, I assume you mean video conference calling, which raises the question: what app are you using for this? Skype? Google Hangouts? Something else maybe?

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Is your problem the same as this one?


No I am using the feature that is pre-built into the OS’s calling interface. There is a video-call option… but I think I will have to just get skype and use WiFi that way.

I would like to add: The is a video call option in the dialer. But this integrated video call functionality of the Fairphone and some other Android Phones is based on 3G technology, it cannot work via Wi-Fi, see here: http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/android_video_calling. I have never seen anyone using it, it’s implementation and price was depending on your carrier, and you paid for this service via your carrier similar to normal telephone or sms.

Today, this feature is almost dead, instead proprietary protocols like Facetime, Google Hangouts, or Skype are used. They work on Wi-Fi and with a fast mobile connection. Facetime is deeply integrated into Apple’s iOS so it feels very native, but sadly Apple has not opened Facetime for users on other Operating Systems. Similar to iMessage, it’s an Apple exclusive. So for video-calling, as @jerry says above, you will need to use an alternative to Facetime. Luckily there are many

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