Facebook is down, join the Fediverse!

Everybody probably noticed the big Facebook outage.
That’s what happens with centralized social media, that has a single point of attack.
Time to search for a decentralized alternative.
Good thing there is the #fediverse!

Fedi what?
Let me explain:


I love Mastodon, I also have a profile on mastodon.online. Not a personal one, but for an organization.

But Mastodon can also go down, by even lower level issues. Last month I personally had to poke the devs on Discord about an expired Let’s Encrypt certificate on mastodon.online :clown_face:

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An instance can go down, but not the whole Fediverse.


True, but your profile is hosted on just one instance, right? :slight_smile: So in that case it was down, by a very stupid error. Not saying that Mastodon isn’t great. Just saying that if they had the load of Facebook, we probably would see more issues over there.

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