Facebook Dating is not available on Fairphone OS (7.1.2)

I purchased a second hand Fairphone 2 and wanted to try Facebook Dating with it. I don’t know, that my problem is related to the Fairphone OS or to the Facebook application.

After installing the Facebook App, the option to start using Facebook Dating is not appears. I know, that the FB Dating has more pre-requirement, but I think, I checked all of them .
I have Fairpone OS - this is the latest Android Nougat version (7.1.2).

Do you have experiment or info about Facebook Dating with Fairphone OS? (it’s not the Open. So my phone has the Google Mobile Services. Also logged in to Play Store)

Maybe Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite – Apps bei Google Play

works better for you. I do not use it, so I cannot tell if it includes the dating part.

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Thanks Tomas for the tip. I tried also with Lite, the option is not appears.

Maybe Android 7 is not supported in Facebook Dating.

The website shows Android and iPhone are supported, but ‘only in selected areas’ and says the option will appear ‘if you are eligible’. This sounds like there could be many other reasons other than the OS why you don’t get the option.


See here:

Sections “Who can use Facebook Dating?” and “Countries where Facebook Dating is available”.


Thanks for the link. Yes, I know that it has a lot pre-requirement. My problem is, that Facebook don’t tell you, which is not fulfilled. ( I live in a country, where Dating is enable; I am older than 18 (and it’s put to my profile :); I enabled location determination; enabled notifications in the OS and in the Facebook app, I updated the app via Google Play).
I also updated to Android 9 (Fairphone OS beta), maybe it’s will make a different.

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No progress until now. Not with Android 7 or 9 beta .

Does anybody has/had Facebook Dating on a Fairphone 2?

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