Facebook app causing severe problems (December 2016 app update)

I suggest you to listen to this podcast: https://therestartproject.org/podcast/ssd/ I replaced the hard drive of my laptop with a SSD and it runs like on the first day! (I also upgraded to Windows 10 in the progress, but you could go for Linux or skip this part at all.)

PS.: My Windows Task Manager says:

Last BIOS time: 2.7 seconds.

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I’m now using Tinfoil for Facebook, it’s easily crashed (e.g. clicking on a Message notification closes it) and it doesn’t like pasting links into a post, but otherwise it does mean I can still access FB on my FP1.
Now I’m having Twitter problems too. Their app (v6.29.0) takes ages to load, and until you’ve waited for the Feed to refresh and update, you can forget about clicking on Notifications, it just won’t load. After reading those, don’t click Home, click Back, or it will also get upset.
So, are there any fixes or alternative platforms to access Twitter?

There is Tinfoil for Twitter too.

Facebook is at it again it seems.
Browser or Tinfoil, the problem is the same.
Opening FB the page sticks at “Loading…” but the word and its progress icon are double printed, like bad specs!
Notifications page loads, but clicking on a notification brings up another blank screen.
And that’s all I can do with it!

Which browser have you tried? Tinfoil and the preinstallled browser both use the insecure Webview engine, AFAIK.

Phone browser and Tinfoil only.
Is there another I can try?

Yeah, check out the browsers section of the link I posted above. :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know how I get on!

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