FP1 fails in testing mode

@urs_lesse the Facebook bug caused the app to crash, I think, not the whole phone.

When my phone crash I have to remove the battery and press more than 10s on the power button to be able to restart it.

Wait, so you are saying that it freezes? Crashing means that it powers down by itself.

When my phone crashes, the screen turns blue and blinks. I can not turn off it by the button

Wow that sounds serious. Can you try safe mode for at least a day / the next similar crash, please?

I can not switch to safe mode. The phone restarts without going through the safe mode menu.However, I followed the procedure

I succeded, my phone is in safe mode.

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My phone crashes even in safe mode, although it’s less often.

I attach the result of the self test in factory mode

I’m having troubles interpreting the picture; it is not very clear. What does work and what doesn’t?

I also do not understand why the tests fail because the cameras work for example. I can use my phone normally in safe mode, but it crashes regularly anyway. There it just crashes after sending an SMS

This sounds like a severe hardware failure. It seems that the crashes occur when the phone is trying to send data over the network (in this case an SMS). With more apps installed, if course the phone uses the network more often (thus more crashes).

To rule out a software issue, you should make a thorough backup and do a hard reset.

If after the hard reset you still experience crashes, I’m afraid your modem is broken (or something else too), which basically renders your motherboard useless.

The crash is not systematic. After booting safe mode, the phone can crash just by sending an SMS or using firefox. But for example at the last restart of the safe mode, I was able to use, firefox, mail, “clash royal” and other apps without crash. Today, my phone had to crash a dozen times in safe mode.

Oddly my phone now works normally. Although it crashed even in safe mode, since Sunday afternoon it no longer crashes in safe mode. So I put it back in normal mode, I reinstalled the apps I had uninstalled and everything is fine at the moment. I do not understand what happened. Either
a problem of false contact or a problem of humidity or condensation
because the problems started when the weather became cold.


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Back to the original topic. I’m also dissapointed with the apparent lack of support for fp1. I bought mine after having my previous phone (Sony Ericsson w810i) for nearly 7 years, with the idea of keeping it for at least 5. Seems like that’ll be tough.

I often wonder how people come to this project, read the description and then expect the same as can be expected from the established big players.

The Motto that you can read when booting your phone is: “start a movement.”

Did you ever achieve perfect quality, as good as the long-trained experts when starting a project?

I don’t know what you guys do. But when I wrote my first essay in university it wasn’t expected to be as good as a masters thesis.

These people are doing the best they can. All you could do at least would be to phrase your texts a little more friendly. And maybe… maybe not expect perfectly working processes from a startup that has its focus on sustainability. This focus, in the end, means to work on many issues at the same time. Not everything can work perfectly for everyone. This forum alone is already a much more direct contact than I could ever imagine from any other phone producer. So please people: Be a little more cooperative.


Hi ace28, I agree totally with your comment, in that I think people are too hard on fairphone. However, longevity of products, as opposed to buying newer better should be the priority of any plan for sustainability. In fact I remember that when fp2 come out, fairphone actually said that they didn’t want fp1 owners to buy them. Great stuff, but then you need to support fp1 as best as possible to enable this. I’m still a big fan of fairphone, but if you don’t register your opinion as a member of the community, then fairphone will never know what you think and what they should perhaps focus more resources on. If I’d have wanted a perfect smart phone I wouldn’t have chosen FP and stuck with them.



Sadly there are so many app that are bloatware, so I uninstalled Firefox and Runkeeper for the same reason and now I use: Lighting (browser) and RunnerUp (sport’s app) from F-Droid ( https://f-droid.org/ ).
Now I have installed about 70 apps, the biggest are: OsmAnd~, Google *, Waze, SoundHound, Pocket, WhatsApp, feedly, Junker, Goodreads, Bandsintown, Torque,…
Unfortunately many apps are too much invasive so at boot time they starts and held them updated also if you don’t use.
Also autostarts (F-droid) could help to choose which you need at boot time, but it’s very dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

Yes unfortunately. I got the phone in January 2014 and I switched to a new phone in November 2016, because I had so many problems with my car’s bluetooth that it was just frustrating to use. Also I was tired waiting for the 4.4 update (which apparently is still not released). In the last 11-12 years I had a Siemens S65 for about 3 years, a Nokia 6110 Navigator for 2.7 years, a Motorola Defy+ for 2.75 years and a Fairphone FP1 for 2.9 years. I currently have a Sony Xperia X Compact. The FP1 didn’t not significantly outlast previous phones.

Regarding FP2, I don’t want any 5"+ phone. It’s just too large. Also it’s too expensive, and it probably has a cheap camera (like the FP1) and there’s probably no Android 7 ever coming to it, etc… I don’t buy phones above 400€. The Sony Xperia X Compact is about the only good 4.6" phone that I found and so far I am very pleased with it. It received a lot of negative critique, because Sony apparently alienated owners of Z3 compact and Z5 compact looking to upgrade (they scrapped IP67 and used a slightly less powerful CPU). On the other hand the Z5 compact had a lot of negative remarks regarding overheating itself, so the move to a less powerful CPU is not as bad. I agree that it’s been probably too expensive initially, but it’s current street price is around 375€. It has a decent camera, it’s got fingerprint unlocking and runs Android 7.

It was about the perfect replacement for my FP1 (from a technical point of view). Without being able to run the newest Android, what kind of longevity can you ever hope to achieve!?

Hi, sometimes I found some improvement by deleting cache from application.
Under “Application information” the button “delete cache”.

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