Facebook App and some other apps on my FP2 not fully functioning

Dear FP2 Community,

I’m happy with my FP2 but would be more so if all apps would be functioning 100% - which they don’t.
As an example, I would like to introduce my Facebook App problem. I’m not able to share messages to a group or on a friend’s timeline.

I select Share, Write a Message, and then where it says, Share on Facebook, I select ‘In a group’, and then there’s the bug because I don’t get to select a group, instead I’m returned to the screen where I can write a message ONLY to be posted on my own timeline.

I could have thought that this were just a FB bug (which it might as well be), but I noticed that whenever I go beyond 3 levels of selecting something in about ANY app, I get a similar kind of behavior. It looks like nothing is done with ‘levels 4 and beyond’ of selecting things, and the app doesn’t fully function. Could someone help me out?

Try the following: Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

Do you mean, Settings within the Facebook app? Or the general Android 5.1 settings?

Wow, I was just about to post about this issue and suddenly there was another topic posted - thank you Victor :)!

I’ve experienced the exact same problem with several apps. I was unable to share pictures through WhatsApp and Facebook, I could not log in to my bank app, nor do searches in several apps related to public transport. I’ve tried to update the apps several times but the problems persisted.

However, trying Lidwlens suggestion - they now all work perfectly. So thank you very much to you too! Great to make use of all features again.

General Android settings :).

Thanks, I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, Lidwien and Weeela, this solution works wonders for me!
All apps are now functioning properly. As I wrote, there are so many kinds of Settings, anyone with this problem will need the Android Settings (only marked with Settings on your FP), NOT the Google settings NOR the Facebook or any app ones!

Now I guess, I’ll be a very happy customer :smiley:

There are about a hundred topics about this issue already. The main one can be found here: #privacyimpact.