F3+ How can I remove e\OS and restore Android?

How can I remove e\OS and restore Android? It was worth a try, but there are too many apps that I need but do not run on e\OS

The official instructions are here:

But I would recommend you check first on which Android version and which Android security updates version you are. Recently there has been an anti-rollback feature built into newer Android versions which in the case of the FP4 has already bricked some devices when trying to change the OS to an “older” one.

To be honest, I am not sure if this also applies to the FP3 and FP3+, but it cannot hurt if you name the versions currently running on your FP3+ here. Perhaps someone more into the latest state of affairs can judge if it’s safe for you to just follow the instructions.


While we get what you mean, both /e/OS and Fairphone OS are Android :wink: .

Thanks for responding. I installed /e/OS on my new F3+ about a year ago in order to get further away from Google’s long arm, but found that many of the apps I needed (for banking etc) could not be installed, so the project was shelved. Yesterday I attempted to reverse the process - without success. HOWEVER, I have updated to the latest version of /e/OS and now find that some of my essential apps can be installed. I may be able to continue using /e/OS but would still like to know how to get back to Fairphone OS or full Android.

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