F-Droid install or update issues in combination with Twilight app

I have the FP2 SW 1.7.1 on my FP2.
I installed f-droid before the latest update of the FP2 software.
Lately I had problems while updating some f-droid apps.
I found out that while I also have installed and running Twilight on my phone, I cannot “click” on the update button within f-droid store to make updates.
I found out in an other forum that you have to stopp (in German “anhalten”) Twilight to be able to “click” the “update” or “install” button within f-droid.
Clicking the “cancel” button is always possible. But this button is not my interest :wink:
I just wanted to let you know.

This is a known issue/security feature of Android in general (I moved this to #software since it’s relevant for FP1 too) . While some apps are active in the backgroubd - especially such that, like twilight, put a layer over the screen - you can’t install or update apps - not just from F-Droid, but any app from anywhere.

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Exactly. The reason is that an app drawing on top of the screen could detect you’re installing an app and trick you to install another, change the text of the required permissions, etc, without you noting.

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