F-Droid In-App Download fails (Not Fairphone-related)

This is not a problem with a Fairphone! The following concerns a Samsung Galaxy device with CM11.

I would like to download Fennec from F-Droid but I can’t start the download. When I tap the button, the download bar starts to run (the continuous one, not the progress bar) but then it disappears and I get the notification ‘not installed’.

I’ve got enough storage left, internet connection is working. Apps by unknown sources are allowed. I have installed apps through F-Droid before, some downloads work, others don’t. Any ideas?

Do you have an AdBlocker/proxy running?

I’m using AdAway and usually Orbot, but Orbot affects browsing as far as I know. Also Orbot is not running right now.
Did some changes using ROMToolbox but nothing related to downloads or F-Droid.

Not sure about Orbot, but can you stop AdAway for testing? I don’t know anything about ROMToolbox, but a proxy like AdAway (if implemented like that) could cause this. Just a guess, normally the software should give you a meaningful error message to begin with :wink:

Like a HTTP error or something.

I’m pretty sure it’s not AdAway. I’m using it too, although it has no effect at all when you only download apps from F-Droid, since they don’t contain ads.

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Doesn’t AdAway just overwrite a so called hosts file?

Deactivated AdAway, restarted phone, tried download, same result.

AFAIK, ROMToolbox is only available via GooglePlay, at least the paid version. Just a collection of system management apps most of which require root.

Was just a hunch because normally they are implemented as proxies. The problem is that you don’t get a good error message from f-droid. So the only other thing that comes to mind is: clear the f-droid cache/reinstall f-droid and check F-droids proxy settings (in app).

I just “misconfigured” my proxy. I get a black box “Not installed” in f-droid.

That’s exactly the black box I get.

HTTP Proxy is not activated. Is that what you mean?
Cleared the cache and updated F-Droid client. Going to try reinstalling now.

Reinstalling worked. Thanks!

Now I hope that I will get mine up & running again :smile:

Not sure what really “fixed” this in the end to be honest! But f-droid could give better error messages … maybe it was just some kind of network issue? It looks like F-droid’s “not installed” gets triggered quickly.

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I don’t think so, that problem was bugging me for a longer time already and everything else works fine. I agree that error message is not sufficient :smiley:

It took me a while to mine back running again, although I’ve “only” changed the proxy settings a bit. Looks like f-droid has some issues with refreshing/updating it’s configuration. Not 100% sure. If we would be really nice people we would have a look into the f-droid bug tracker :smile:


But I don’t see anything and I don’t even know what do report exactly.

Looks like they use the message for everything and also have problems with others:

Yup, also I have no idea how to reproduce it.

this old methot works always!