Extremely poor service on broken device

On September 27, 2023, I brought my Fairphone 4, obtained through T-Mobile (now Odido), to address a loose screen issue. The device was subsequently sent to Dynafix for evaluation and repair. To my disappointment, after a prolonged 4-week waiting period, I received notification on October 23, 2023, stating that the required repair was not covered under warranty, necessitating a payment of €194.25 for the service.

Reluctantly, I made the payment on October 26, 2023, with the expectation of a swift resolution and the return of my device. However, the communication and transparency surrounding the status of my repair have been sorely lacking.

On December 8, 2023, I received a call from Dynafix, informing me that my Fairphone 4 had been sent to a third party for further repairs. To my dismay, I was provided with no concrete timeline for the return of my device, with the explanation that the third party is currently overwhelmed with a high workload. This lack of clarity and an extended timeline for resolution are both wholly unsatisfactory and unacceptable.

The protracted delay and insufficient communication throughout this process have significantly marred my experience with Dynafix. I am now left without my device and without any assurance of when I can expect its return.


That’s really hard luck. I guess the change from TM to Odido (I suppose you’re in the Netherlands?) won’t have helped. As you know, there’s not much we can do in this community forum, with a case like this, except maybe try to learn lessons.
Of course we don’t know the technical details, maybe something in the structure was broken, but it’s possible this could have been repaired with the assistance of a local Fairphone Angel. It’s always worth asking, if there’s one nearby!
Anyway, I just hope that you get your phone back soon!


^ That’s the part which stands out for me. How is it possible to have a brand new phone with a default not covered by warranty? Unless of course you dropped it, but else manufacturing issues are always covered by warranty! :open_mouth:

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I dont see any hint when the phone was bought and just that it was taken to T-Online/Odido for repair of a loos screen in Sep… And I’m rather wondering who Dynafix is because its not FPs repair partner, overall I dont read above that FP support or Cordon (FPs partner for repair/warranty cases) were somehow involved.

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My bad, I read “I brought” as “I bought”… :flushed:

Probably the repair partner of T-Online/Odido? (Since he bought it there?)

I am sorry to hear about your troubles. The lack of warranty is indeed surprising. But could you please clarify whether we are talking about FP4 which - launched in 2021 - should be covered by the extended 5 year warranty - or about FP3 which was not covered by such a long warranty?

Well there are many things not covered under warranty for various reasons and those will have been named and explained guess. Overall in this case the poor service is with Odido and their partner not Fairphone as far as understand, so I would address it there and I’m a bit wondering why it was addressed here…

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