External keyboard - wrong layout


I’m trying to use a bluetooth keyboard with German layout with my FP3 (Android 11) - but even though I set the the settings for the physical keyboard to German I still don’t get the “Umlaute”-keys (ä,ö,ü) and other special characters right. I even bought the “External Keyboard Helper” app, but that doesn’t seem to work either.

I read in a different forum that people with Samsung phones have a similar problem after updating to Android 11. I’m not sure if that’s related as it’s been a while since I used this keyboard. It worked well with FP1 years ago…

Anybody any idea?

Is German the only language you have configured for external keyboards? Does it pass the typical test (z vs. y)? :slight_smile:

Yes, you can only choose one language per external keyboard. That’s set to Germany and z & y are okay. They invert, when I change the settings to “Standard”. So, the settings do change something, but not the “Umlaute” and special keys.

Using the same keyboard with my friends Android 12 Pixel phone works fine, by the way, with the excact same setting. So, it might really be an Android 11 bug. :frowning:

By mere chance I did the same thing today (just playing around…) - Umlaute do work here with FP4 and CalyxOS. Calyx is Android 12, so that might conform with your theory of an Android 11 bug.


You can try to use a customizable software keyboard like Keyboard Designer when the bluetooth keyboard is connected. Not the best solution but probably the only working for now?

Well, I tried that with External Keyboard Helper, but that doesn’t work either. The app shows the correct keys but I get the wrong letters anyway…

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