External display supported? USB-C DP alt mode?

Will the new Fairphone 5 support USB C docks?
How many displays/which max resolution?

Thanks in advance!

At least the SoC would support DisplayPort

Support for USB 3.1 Type-C with DisplayPort


But I don’t know if Fairphone has implemented it.


My Fairphone 4 works with a small USB-C dock. I used it on holiday to stream series in a hotel, I connected it with an HDMI port. It also works when I directly connect my FP4 to my USB-C monitor. If it works with a Fairphone 5 is a different story, not many can test this. But I guess it will work fine. Why not pre-order the FP5? If it’s not to your liking then you can always return it within 14 days.


Of course one could do that, but it’s better for the environment to check things like these in advance instead of buying and returning, at least if it’s a deal-breaker for you, as that’s two-way shipping plus whatever Fairphone needs to do to get the device back in sales.


I’m pretty sure if FP4 can do it, I assume FP5 could do it even better.
I can assure FP4 can hook up to a docking station providing at least full HD (1920x1080).
Since I only have one external display I can’t test how many displays it can support.


Let’s hope so :+1: Since Fairphone didn’t confirm anything officially regarding this question.

And they will not do here in the forum, so if important contactsupport

Hi @yvmuell ,
Not exactly the response I hoped for.

support contacted. Will update here once I get a response



As soon as I have a Fairphone 5 in my hand (might be as early as Sep 11 on the Aachen Fairphone meetup) I will test that. Have a mobile screen setup that accepts USB-C DP alt mode :slight_smile: As soon as that happens, I’ll keep you updated.


Thank you, looking forward to learn about your findings!


Just received this response from Customer Support’s Paul:
"the Fairphone 5 can connect to an external display via a cable supporting the HDMI Alt Mode standard.

Please note: some newer USB docking stations with HDMI output will also work but not all. The best way to check if a cable or dock works is through trial and error. You can also ask in our community forum if someone has tried your cable/dock.

As for the maximum resolution support, I would have to check internally for more details."

Now I am tempted to preorder :slight_smile:


HDMI Alternate mode, last time I checked, was a dead standard.

From Wikipedia (HDMI - Wikipedia):
“As stated at in January 2023, HDMI Alternate Mode for USB Type-C is no longer being updated as there are no known products using this protocol, reducing its relevance in the current market. This will reduce consumer confusion as DisplayPort Alternate Mode is the primary video protocol of choice over USB-C.”

I have 3 dongles/docks and 2 monitors with support for DisplayPort Alternate Mode… None for HDMI Alternate Mode. Also Thunderbolt 3/4 devices usually output to DisplayPort Alternate Mode supporting devices without much compatibility issues (sometimes PowerDelivery protocol causes some mishaps).

I hope it is just a confusion with the actual protocol used (DisplayPort Alternate Mode dongles often have HDMI output), specially since the SoC supports “USB 3.1 Type-C with DisplayPort and USB2.0” and HDMI Alternate Mode is not mentioned anywhere.

I’m quite interested in this as my current phone had a few hiccups already and I often use a keyboard with my phone to solve stuff when in a pinch, having a monitor connected to it would be quite welcome and then much later, if replaced, you could still use the old phone as a netbook for web browsing and office tasks…


it surely is a confusion, since not one adapter that uses HDMI alt-mode is available for purchase. It has never been used.

I can confirm FP5 support USB-C DP AltMode :wink:

  • default setting is mirror phone screen
  • can be enabled DesktopMode in Settings/Display
  • lcd is suspended and resumed together with phone screen

Tried with portable lcd “Lenovo ThinkVision M14” (Non-Touch version),
direct connect to FP5 via USB-C <> USB-C is enough to power lcd,
without external power…