External bluetooth keyboard for FP2


i was wondering, is there any chance to see a bluetooth keyboard specifically designed to work with FP2? I was thinking of one of those keyboards+phone case similar to this one

I hope i’m not the only one missing keyboards on modern smartphones!!!

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I think the main Problem is, that the Fairphone doesn’t fit in these iPhone- or Samsung-specific cases.
One could try to glue a Fairphonecase on top auf this kind of keyboards. But I assume this would look very ugly:D

Or, if you are a Maker, you could try to build one by using the Expansion-port on the back of the Fairphone. So you don’t even need bluetooth;)

Someone did that for the Jollaphone, which has an expansion port too: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2028347278/tohkbd-the-other-half-keyboard-for-your-jolla/description

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oh that’s an amazing project! :smiley: i love that keyboard… anyway, i’m not a maker unfortunately. I know available cases don’t fit the Fairphone, that’s why i was asking if there’s a project around at FP to develop this accessory specifically for us

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You could contact the makers of the Jollaphone keyboard expansion and ask them, if they could make one for the FP2 also.


i might be picky but i believe we should stick with the FP core values about sustainability and workers welfare and such, that’s why i hope for a product made by them :slight_smile:

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They might be willing to also stick to FP’s core values. Their advantage is that they have the know how for such a keyboard extension and FP doesn’t.

good point, i should try to contact them somehow

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You might also want to contact Fairphone and bring the two players together. TOHKBD would need the specifications of FP2’s back connector.

I would definite vote for this :smiley:

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well, not bad, but i prefer the classic slider :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it would be extremely cool if a certain someone could make a hardware keyboard for the FP2. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would also be interested in a physical external keyboard of some sort and am sorry the original ost here received no response.