External antenna with inductive connection?

Have a problem with low connection in a house.
Wonder if it is possible to use an external antenna together with FP2 using inductive connection to the phone?
There are such antennas and connectors to be used with usb gsm broadband modems to boost connection.
Alternative would be a GSM repeater but that is a lot more expensive.

I think i have seen some connectors on the back of the phone so maybe you yust have to ask the Developers about witch one is for GSM and how to use…
Regards, Novski

I have similar problem living in a mountain area in Northern Norway. Using my FP2 in the basement of the office is not working reliable when I do not get calls or can not make calls. As well dropping coverage when driving through the area. This is not the case with my old Sony Xperia. Is it possible to improve as suggested earlier in this topic?
Regards Ulla

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