Extensive issues w/FP1U - I just want it to function reliably

I really wanted to love my Fairphone but it’s very hard. In fact, I was spreading the word on it but since I have it and have to struggle with using it, I don’t try to persuade people anymore. Problems persist even after I tried a full reboot, in terms of OS software everything is up to date, but it’s just completely unreliable.
The only thing the reboot solved is getting back google services (most importantly, play), but the phone still:

  • Freezes and shots down unexpectedly
  • The 3G and wifi are unreliable, regardless of the fact that on other devices they work fine (so it’s not the matter of coverage), and that they drain the battery as if they were working. There is a fully working wifi and 3G coverage and it’s absolutely random when I can access the web and when I cannot.
  • Frequently, it just doesn’t feel the taps on the screen
  • Frequently, the keyboard just doesn’t come up for typing, or comes up and disappears while typing
  • Sometimes the phone would ring but the red (reject) and green (pick up) options on the sides just don’t come up, nor does swiping in the usual directions work, so I can’t pick it up (only wait until it stops ringing or reject the call with the top power button)
  • Frequently the apps just disappear from the screen, and I only see the background, so I have to get it to sleep and re-awaken it several times or wait minutes for the apps to appear again
  • It forgets contacts (I only see the numbers in call history and messages, but not the names) and then again remembers some of them randomly
  • Several frequently used apps (e.g. Facebook, Firefox) frequently don’t respond and have to quit

Generally, I never know when and which services I can use properly on the phone, from apps and wireless connections to the most basic phone and text functions.
Can anyone explain to me why is all this and how can it be resolved? Honestly, I feel cheated. It is an expensive phone, which is fine given the fair production, but shouldn’t it, well, also work?
It can’t be only the fault of android - I have friends who own phones with an androidOS and although they have some problems sometimes, they don’t have all these issues.
I wanted to have a fair phone, but if the cost of that is not having a properly functioning phone, I don’t see how it makes sense.
I was also wondering if these are a common issues for FP1 users, or if it’s only my phone.

With every production of large amounts of electronic devices there will be some individual devices that don’t work properly. Seems like you picked the proverbial short straw. I guess the solution is to contact support to get a warranty repair.

While you wait for their answer you should try the spin test and the battery reset (described here) and the touchscreen test.
Attach the results of those tests to your support ticker to provide more info to the support team.


In addition to @paulakreuzer suggestion, I would ask you to give us some more information.

Among the things you describe are some performance problems I can relate to. In my case, some apps caused the behaviour. I think the effect was a result of two things: low RAM and quite probably sloppy programming of some apps.

To give you two examples of software which might interact in a malevolent way.

I used an app which produces a screen overlay, triggered by, e.g., a schedule, to dim the screen and “filter” blue parts of the screen light. Sadly, the phone was barely usable after some time. And not even while the app was active. It installed itself as a service, I assume, and seem to have asked the OS any assume milliseconds for something.

However, some people I know use exactly this app, w/o problems. Enter XPosed Framework: I use Xprivacy, and since the app in question also has an option to determine your position and schedule the dimming/overlay function based on sunset (which I did not want to use) I blocked location access with it.

I think that this was the reason why this particular app did render my fp1 barely usable.

This is just an example. You might want to think about when your problems started, and maybe you can pin down an app (or an app update) which might be the culprit.

Keep us informed. We’ll do our best to help.

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Me too :frowning:

In addition gps is un usable in any practical way.
I have just followed fix instructions for that, we will see what happens… .

Often it is worse than useless, in that text messages take days to send, I’d be better off sending a post card and using the library, if there were any left.

On the bright side, I did originally have trouble with the standard keyboard til someone here offered a solution which worked. . Also, it is excellent for perfecting meditation practice and equanimity

Well, first of all you need to find out whether it’s a hardware or a software problem. I would suggest the following steps:

  • update to the latest firmware (probably you have it already)
  • do a complete factory reset, including wiping the cache
  • do not configure your google account as this will re-install most of the apps you had before.
  • install only the bare minimum of apps (just firefox?), if possible no apps at all except the ones which come preinstalled
  • use the phone for some time and check if the problems persist even with this minimum configuration

For backup/restore of your contacts, messages and caller lists you can use slight backup available here:

If the issues still persist in this very minimal configuration, I would guess that it’s a hardware issue. But many of the problems you describe originate from broken software configuration / settings, yet they are hard to track down and can be frustrating for regular users. I observe similar problems among users of “unfair” phones, and usually they “solve” the problem by buying a new device instead of trying to fix their old one, putting the just software-wise broken phone in the bin.

About using GPS in your car while charging : try a shielded cable.
I bought one for €10 and the following issues improved a lot :smile:

  • time to first fix : 1 minute instead of 5
  • accuracy : a lot less errors in position and speed (my shitty little car apparently doing 180 km/h next to the highway)
  • connectivity : hardly any losses of connection to the GPS sattelites anymore
  • abililty to output music through aux.cable without navigationsoftware puking and going 'I’m a pink weddingcake, lalalala`

I know it sounds like I’m being paid for this.
However I`m just happy this shite is resolved at last !!
Even joined the forum to tell everybody how happy I am. :stuck_out_tongue:

FP1U / latest KolaNut / TomTomGo

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