Exporting contacts

Trying to export contacts to SD card so that I can clean them on a PC before re-importing - the overall aim is to de-google the phone.
FP2 is running the latest software version.

When I go through the process Contacts>Import/Export>To Memory, I get the normal message that such and such file will soon be exported. But when it is, and I go to look at it via the PC, only one contact is actually exported. The rest are not.

Any bright ideas?

Where are you exporting from?
If it’s a google account that is set to synchronise, and you can’t get it to work on the phone, go to contacts.google.com and log in with that account. Click the “More” button and choose export. It has (slightly) more options and is more intuitive than at least the people app on the FP1 (not sure about the FP2).

I am trying to export all my contacts from my FP2 so that I can clean the contacts list and then re-import only those that I want to have, from the beginning with sync turned off. Ideally what I would like is my contacts only in local storage, rather than any kind of cloud or shared-access/use. But the beginning would still be to export the total list of contacts.
I tried to use the contacts.google.com but it only shows (presumably) the google contacts for manipulation, whereas I also have contacts which are stored on the SD card and on the SIM cards.
I have also tried manually copying contacts to the SIM cards and then trying to get them onto a new phone, but despite the FP2 saying that the transfer was complete, I was still missing contacts at the end of this process.
Now looking for a decent 3rd party software to pull all contacts off via a PC…

Some of the regulars on the forum really like myphonexplorer. It’s listed in the backup solutions wiki and appears to be able to handle the various places where contacts can be stored:

Obviously, there are other options available. On the forum we’re a bit hesitant in keeping individual recommendations for these types of software up, unless they’re from members who have a history of making positive contributions. We get a lot of spam links (often targeted at completely different devices).

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