Exploring Integration Tools for FairPhone and Linux

I have always wanted to integrate FairPhone with Debian Linux. Currently, :smile_cat:
I am using KDE Connect. :grinning:
Are there any other tools that are more user-friendly or effective? :interrobang:
Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

Probably not exactly the way you think, but i have a self hosted nextcloud instance at home on a raspberry pi, with contacts and calendar syncing between desktop and phone (DavX), as well as a password safe autosyncing, with a nextcloud client on desktop and on the phone with respective folders (e.g automatic backup of signal backups and Fotos from the phone). Works like a charm, and is very unobtrusive. My wife uses basically the same setup.

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I use scrcpy a lot when I need to work on PC and phone simultaneously, great for controlling it or to take quick screenshots / -casts, also typing on a proper keyboard is just nicer.
Definitely more on the effective side of things though :nerd_face:


Thank you, I am looking for different tools to integrate. :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you, I will try this one. :pray::pray::pray:

scrcpy is really cool, didn’t knew it until now (even I see that is was mentioned in the forum in some other threads as well).
Thanks for mentioning it.

Also managed to connect wireless via tcpip mode.
Works like charm. :star_struck:


I must give scrcpy a try. :+1:
Thank you :pray::pray::pray: