Exploring Integration Tools for FairPhone and Linux

I have always wanted to integrate FairPhone with Debian Linux. Currently, :smile_cat:
I am using KDE Connect. :grinning:
Are there any other tools that are more user-friendly or effective? :interrobang:
Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

Probably not exactly the way you think, but i have a self hosted nextcloud instance at home on a raspberry pi, with contacts and calendar syncing between desktop and phone (DavX), as well as a password safe autosyncing, with a nextcloud client on desktop and on the phone with respective folders (e.g automatic backup of signal backups and Fotos from the phone). Works like a charm, and is very unobtrusive. My wife uses basically the same setup.


I use scrcpy a lot when I need to work on PC and phone simultaneously, great for controlling it or to take quick screenshots / -casts, also typing on a proper keyboard is just nicer.
Definitely more on the effective side of things though :nerd_face:


Thank you, I am looking for different tools to integrate. :pray::pray::pray:

Thank you, I will try this one. :pray::pray::pray:

scrcpy is really cool, didn’t knew it until now (even I see that is was mentioned in the forum in some other threads as well).
Thanks for mentioning it.

Also managed to connect wireless via tcpip mode.
Works like charm. :star_struck:


I must give scrcpy a try. :+1:
Thank you :pray::pray::pray:

Most important to me is KDEconnect - having a common clipboard is very useful :wink:

For backup, I use TWRP which stores the backup on my SD card. Then I use mass storage mode to copy the backup files to my Linux box.

I also use scrcpy e.g. when some friends sent photos from newspapers which are hard to read on the small screen of the phone but easy on a computer monitor :slight_smile:

Furthermore, I created some “quick and dirty” shell scripts, e.g. this one copies OSMAnd’s GPX tracks of the current year with adb commands like pull:



files=`adb  shell ls -tr $d | fgrep ${1:-`date +%Y`}`

for f in $files
        echo $f
        if [ -f rec/$f ]
        then echo "already there"
        else adb pull $d/$f rec/


I’m doing pretty much everything just with adb and scripts around it. Actually never used kdeconnect, but have occasionally used scrcpy. And of course everything is synced with my own nextcloud.

What kind of integration are you looking for? What are you missing now?

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My ideal integration of Linux and mobile would be to see all mobile applications directly in my KDE menu when I connect my phone to Linux. :iphone::penguin:

This way, I can simply click on the icons to easily use mobile applications. :penguin:

I think this is possible because Linux supports X Window System. :penguin:

Thank you for the explanation. I have noted it down. :+1::+1::+1:

My ideal integration of Linux and mobile would be to see all mobile applications directly in my KDE menu when I connect my phone to Linux. :iphone::penguin:

You could do that with applications on anonther linux box using ssh and X11 forwarding.

But i doubt that Android’s surface flinger is comaptible with X11 :thinking:

So you’re probably stuck with scrcpy.

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Yeah, you’re right, for now scrcpy is the best choice. :+1::+1::+1:

If you want to use your Google account and use Android apps on linux, you can use https://waydro.id/
Not really “integrating” your phone but the result is the same: you can use your apps with your accounts connected and the apps handle the sync part on their own. As it would do if you had 2 devices.

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