Experiences with "multi charger device"?

I currently use several chargers (different models/manufacturers) on one power strip, not only each for my Fairphone, but also e.g. for charging a bluetooth speaker, bike lamps and so on.
However a compact solution would be nice. After a quick web search I found this device for example:

Does anyone have experiences with such a “multi charger” for multiple devices, not only for charching a FP?

Thanks a lot!

What’s the doubt? I use a Anker Multiport since years, but as it’s old its not quick charging.

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I use several 5 and 10 port Anker chargers around the house as well, never had any problems.
The one you linked to is QC 3.0 compatible and should be able to quick charge at least the Fairphone 4 (not sure about the others).

OT: Why was this topic removed? :thinking: I wanted to look up the charging current / voltage I found previously and that information now just vanished…


Thank you both.
So ANKER would be in this case and generally a recommendable brand?

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They are the best of the cheap ones I would say :smirk:
I have a lot of Anker products because they generally produce good basics for a reasonable price. But the quality can sometimes vary immensely between their different products.
The chargers I can completely recommend so far :+1:


I also use an Anker 5 port charger with QC. Works pretty well with any device.

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