Experiences with FP2 and Lineage with MicroG

In the past I think I used it occasionally without SIM Card. I think mine is older than a year. Since when is this a problem?

(e. g. according to this info:

Checking out Safe Mode…
(If this woud work, does it also mean it would work for Lineage (with MicroG)?

Well it seems to not be working.

Phone just rebooted and now is in a bootloop… :frowning:

Did you have a look at the #rebootsguide ?

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Safe Mode just disables all third party installed apps, so can exclude an app causing the issue.

faulty SIM or SD cards can cause unexplanable multiple issues (FP has a guide for this at least for FP3 on its support pages and suggests a SIM card older than 2 years gives a higher likelihood to cause issues).

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I haven’t, looks like this would be worth trying, but I’m back to resignation. I guess this is for nerdier folks than me. I’ll sell it for cheap. Thanks anyway for you great support!


Thanks for the clarification. I really appreciate it. But it looks like this is for someone else to fix.

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