Expected release in the US

I am aware that the FP2 isn’t equipped for the US market (except for one carrier, T-Mobile, which is basically the worst). I am wondering if there are expectations as to when a US version would be released.
I am very, very, very much looking forward to it!

I would switch to T-mobile for the fairphone!

But, in reply, I don’t think they are going to announce their plans for out-of-Europe expansion until “2016”, but 2016 is a really wide time range. I really hope they will let us know early in 2016, or at the very least, they will let us know when the will let us know, so to speak.

My big concern is, they don’t make any decisions or announcements by mid-2016, and a lot of us that are trying to make our current aging phones last will give up and move into the next option. I really want to support fairphone, but I also really doubt my current phone will last until the last half of 2016.


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