Expand the fairphone model to other categories of product

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I find the FairPhone business model very promising for the future because in line with the low-tech spirit. And I believe that beside what FairPhone has achieved technically with the phone itself, the very constitution of the business model is a serious asset.

My question/suggestion is of FairPhone could not replicate this model to design and offer new categories of product that would be specially resilient and easy to maintain. It could be fridges, printers, microwave, washing machine, etc. For example, I imagine a fridge that could be easily disassembled and diagnosed in case of failure, with clear replacement modules (alike the FairPhone), but also designed without any unnecessary features that would make it more fragile (no internet of things stuff, etc.).

I would be interested to hear the other members of the community about this idea and especially the FairPhone team members.

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Take a look at this techcrunch article with an interview with Bas van Abel:

While Fairphone has had a singular device focus to date, van Abel says it’s thinking about applying its hard won learnings around electronics supply chains to other types of consumer devices — suggesting ‘Fair’ could end up as a brand prefix atop an assortment of consumer gadgets.


Fairfridge has a nice ring to it. :slight_smile:

I guess smartphones were a good start as I imagine people replace them most often so there was a lot to gain in terms of preventing e-waste.


Hello everyone,
I have a small smartphone (50mm/100mm), that I might need to replace in the coming years, but I would like to replace it by a smartphone not too big (like 60mm/120mm for example). Would you plan to design a less ambitious smartphone than FP3 (smaller, with more basic compoenents such as camera ? It could be more accessible for people who are in search of a fairer smartphone and who don’t need a very advanced one.

As this is a user forum, there is no FP designer here, that could answer your questions.
Regarding the techcrunch article cited by me above, the chance for a smaller phone in the very near future seems quite marginal.
But for possibly more relevant information, please contact Fairphone directly:

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